Actions ASPIIR

In 2013 ASPIIR initiated and implemented in Romania two European projects for young people with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases or disabilities caused by IBD (ostomates).

  • 24th June – 1 st July:  “Developing Our Lifelong Learning Skills”/ Calarasi
  • 1 st – 10th October: “Non-Formal Medieval Festival” / Sighisoara
Both projects tried to put in contact youngsters, young disabled people and non-disabled who came from very different environments where they have different living conditions, different medical system.
Through these projects and their follow-up, we tried to raise the awareness about the condition of young people with IBD or disabled from Europe, no matter where they live, and about their needs. On the other hand, our main aim was to make participants to realize that they are all the same no matter what kind of health problem they have or of which part of Europe they come from.


IBD Art – Perspectives 2014

Non-formal Medieval Festival